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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Create a Diamond Savings Account : How Open Diamond Savings Account Online

Diamond Savings Account Registration… The bank is a financial services provider from Nigeria. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, the bank maintains a banking subsidiary in Benin, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo and The United Kingdom. As at June 2013, the bank operates 240 branches in Nigeria, 20 branches in Benin Republic, 2 branches in Senegal, 1 branch in Togo and 3 branches in Cote d’Ivoire.

Diamond Savings Account RegistrationDiamond Savings Account Registration

There are different categories of Diamond Bank Accounts but this article is about how to open a savings account and the steps are highlighted below.
If you are opening the account online then you should;
Visit the Diamond Bank website. –


  1. Check and Tick the type of account you would like to open;
  2. Check and Tick the annual income, 0-0.5M (#0.00 to #500,000);

  3. Check and Tick the individual, because you want to own the account for yourself;
  4. Enter the referral code correctly;
  5. Input the name you would like to appear on your account info.


  1. Click the customer information and should extend you to more information;
  2. Check and  Tick all necessary things correctly, as I believe you must understand these;
  3. In the mode of identification, tick the mode of identification you have with you and enter information correctly.


Next of KIN is the person you’d like to bear your account after your death.
  1. Enter the surname, first name and other name of your next of KIN
  2. Tick his/her relationship to you
  3. Tick his/her gender
  4. Enter a correct address of your next of KIN

  5. Tick either he/she is from Nigeria or Non-Nigeria and enters his/her phone number correctly.


  1. Tick diamond mobile if you have the mobile application in your phone or, Diamond online if you’d like to bank online. (NOTE: You can leave this column blank).
  2. You can leave the “token column” blank;
  3. Tick the numbers of leaves of cheque book you would like to request for
  4. Press the Submit tab. That’s all.

If everything is well entered, the account must be created and you have the notification alert on your mobile phone as SMS. NOTE: I, personally, have not tested this. But if it’s not working, DiamondBank would not have put this on their website.
You can also open a diamond account by walking into the nearest Diamond Bank Office nearest to you.


The requirements needed for any of these types of account opening in Diamond Bank include;
  1. A completed application form. The link to download the completed application form is under the sub headings of each so, keep reading.;
  2. 2 completed signature specimen cards;
  3. 2 recent passport photographs;
  4.  A Positive Identification. i.e. either your Intl. passport, driver license, National ID or resident permit;
  5. A Proof of address (recent utility bill).

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