How to identify a smartphone with a good camera

If you are looking for a new mobile phone to buy,likely a good camera will rank high on your list of must have features.but the problem now Is how to know if the camera on the phone is good or just OK?the way phones and cameras are marketed,you'll think that the more megapixel they have the better the camera,but megapixel isn't the best way to judge a smartphone camera.megapixel can only be use to differentiate between different models.

Here are the features to look on good camera phones

1. Bright Aperture

High end smartphone from giant such as Samsung and Apple features wider lens aperture than less expensive smartphone and as a result,image quality is much better.the Samsung s9 plus for example, has a bright f/1.5 aperture so it's capable of taking a photo that show a blurred background,particularly when the subject is close to the lens.

2. Sensor size

 The sensor size represent a lot of important value regard the camera such as the necessary focal length,the crop factor,and it's f-number.most OEMs have that figure,leaving the only vital thing you should worry about:the light intensity gathering properties of your camera sensor.

3. Pixel size

The pixel size comes in handy in measuring how larger individual photodetector are in a CMOS sensor.pixel size for a smartphone camera fit in a narrow range that's between one and two microns or micrometres in either the vertical or horizontal direction.the larger it is,the more light each pixel will collect.that is why the HTC one m8's camera with 2.0um perform better than in dark condition than the Galaxy s5 that has 1.12um pixel.these is simply because the m8's pixel are obviously larger and can capture more light.
  So that's to say a camera with a high pixel size tend to capture more light than that of a lower pixel size.

4. Optical image stabilization

Image stabilization is something that's built into smartphone cameras to minimize the effect shake has on your photo.without it,any movement you make can be pick up by the camera and spoil your shot.

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