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Sunday, 6 January 2019

How to fix unfortunately Google Play Store has stop.

It’s so annoying sometimes when you are enjoying your smartphone. And suddenly and error message will just come up your screen telling you that. Unfortunately application has stop.
Here I use the word application because the application it’s use to describe all other applications.

Like, Music player, Google play store, Camera, Google Chrome, Opera mini, video player, System e.t.c.
The Reasons for unfortunately application has stop?
I will give some of the reasons why you could experience Unfortunately Google Play Storehas stop. On smartphone’s.
1 when your smartphone version has outdated.
2 when your said application has outdated (expired).
3 when your smartphone memory has limite space to run that particular application.
4 always check application for update.
5 uninstall outdated applications.
How to Fix unfortunately Google Play Store has stop.
Open menu on your smartphone and locate settings. Then click on settings icon and scroll to locate Apps the click on Apps Installed.
After that scroll to locate the application that need to be Fix. But right now we are using Google play Store. As example here. So scroll to locate Google Play Store.

Note! (This could be any of the applications above)
After clicking on Google Play Store.
Options will come up Disable and Force Stop. Click on Disable.
After this process the said Google play Store will be disable and stop working.
Then uninstall and go for new version update.
Still can’t Fix unfortunately Google Play Store. Then click on watch Video bellow.
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