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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

5 ways to make money on Facebook (fast)

Wyas to make money on facebook

If you’re reading this post, it means you’re looking for some ways to make money on Facebook.

I will be teaching you some of the basic ways to make money with your facebook account.
With this, you can make up to 30k monthly with your Facebook account alone.
Mark Zuckerberg is currently the third richest man in the world which means he makes a huge income from Facebook alone… What’s your share?
In this post, I will guide you through the different ways to make money by simply posting and commenting on Facebook.
There are more than 2 million Facebook users which means you have a potential of at least 500k customers or clients to earn from while using Facebook.
Here’s the funniest thing: you make money doing what you already do that didn’t earn you money.
You chat, post, tag people, comment on posts and get your cash… easy as ABC.


1. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the most underrated way of making money online but it also applies to Facebook.
Let me quickly give you an insight of what affiliate marketing is:

What is affiliate marketing

Simply defined in this short illustration:
  • You find a product.
  • Promote the product to interested people.
  • When they buy from your link, you get paid. As easy as that.
One major problem with affiliate marketing is finding the right customers.
On Facebook, if you’re promoting a mobile phone, you can’t be promoting to old men and women…. you need to find the right youths. What do you do? You target your customers.

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How do I target my customers?

  • Search for groups related to the product
  • Run Facebook ads
  • Hold a survey
  • Follow and like pages related to the product
How to become an affiliate marketer
Becoming an affiliate marketer is free and easy. All you have to do is search for an affiliate program and register.
Examples of top affiliate programs in Nigeria: Jumia, konga, udemy, whogohost and many hosting affiliate programs.
When you register, simply look for your affiliate Link and shorten it using bitly so they won’t buy-pass your affiliate ID when registering. You earn a particular commission for any sale you make, depending on the affiliate program.
2. Nnu income program: Nnu income is another amazing way to make money on Facebook. If you have never heard of nnu, let me give you some quick tips on what nnu does.

What is nnu income program?

NNu income program
Nnu is an income program that pays Nigerians for reading news and commenting on them. They also pay you to share posts in your Facebook account.
To get all these offers, you have to sign up with just N1600 only (one time payment). Another beautiful feature of this program is that you earn N1000 for anyone you refer to them.
So if you can refer 2 of you Facebook friends each day, you automatically earn N2000 per day plus the amount you earn from commenting, daily logins and Facebook shares.

Is nnu legit?

Of course, NNU is 100% legit. Immediately you sign up and get fully registered, you will be given a link to join their official Facebook group where you can ask questions and see testimonies of payment.

How to register for NNU

To register, just follow this link and fill the form. Payment instructions will be given to you. After payment, you will await approval within 12-24 hours or longer.
To start getting referrals on nnu, you can do any or all of these things:
  • Write a well formatted eye-catching post on nnu income program and ask interested people to inbox you or drop their comments.
  • Go to groups and drop your post there.
  • Drop your comments with your referral link for them to register (always shorten your link)
  • Create a Facebook page and promote it
  • Chat with your friends and persuade them to join.
NNU is 100% legit.
3. Facebook groups: Do you know another way to make money on Facebook fast is by having an active Facebook group?
Active Facebook groups are one of the best marketing strategies. People also pay to advertise on your group. You can build your group to 100k members and keep them active.
With this you can market any affiliate product you want and get at least 1 sale. facebook groups also get bidded for by digital marketers. You can earn a living creating and building facebook groups
4. Create your own business page: A social media page is always a key necessity for any business. It helps you identify your customers and interact well with them.
It brings the customer and the business owner closer to each other. However, getting the appropriate followers can be an hard task.
If you sell beauty products, you are expecting mostly ladies as your followers. How do you achieve this?By running ads. Facebook ads are very effective and help businesses to grow from nothing to a very very big deal.

When you run Facebook ads, you can target young ladies within the age bracket of 18-30 because they use the most Beauty products.
Write or pay a writer to create a well formatted product description for you. From this, you can easily tell your customers what you are selling and get engagements on your page.
To keep them interested, make sure you reply fast to their comments and messages. It’s possible that whole you were busy waiting, they had already seen another product they are interested in. So keep your customers interested in you.
5. Build a blog: Blogs are one of the fastest and most efficient ways of reaching a large number of audience.
From your blogs, you can make a huge income but how does it correlate with making money on Facebook? Many bloggers get most of their traffic from Facebook especially if they can’t do seo (search engine optimization).
So they rather target a particular set of people on Facebook and drive huge traffic through Facebook. The higher your traffic, the higher your earnings.
  • Now that you have seen the various ways to make money from your Facebook account, you can now stop wasting your Facebook posts and getting paid for them. Have a nice day!

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