Google Chrome To Stop Supporting Android Jellybean

Google released Android Jelly Bean almost six years ago.

 It's 2018 and if you're still using a Jellybean device, 

Jellybean is the oldest version of Android that’s still getting Chrome updates but that is about to change soon. A new commit spotted by developers over at XDA reveals that Chrome may soon end support for Jelly Bean.

I'm not really surprised about it since it's a very old version and many people have upgraded. Android Jelly Bean spans from Android version 4.1 to 4.3,  powers about 3.2 percent of Android devices currently. A pretty small number if you ask me. 

According to the commit - Update UI for unsupported Android OS and make Jelly Bean unsupported. It's pretty obvious Chrome will be ending support for Jelly Bean in the near future.
The commit however doesn’t mention a timeline for a change so I can't really say when this will happen, just know that 
When this change is made, the oldest version of Android supported by Chrome will be Android KitKat.
So if you own a device that runs on Jelly Bean, keep in mind that this change is coming soon. There are other browsers who support older versions but Chrome will not be one of them as far as Jelly Bean is concerned.

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