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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Download Football Players Fight Soccer 2.6.6 APK Android Game

download football players fight soccer apk android game

Football Players Fight Soccer 2.6.6 APK is an interesting Android game which allows you to experience an aggressive combat showdown on the soccer field. You get to Fight to knockout your opponent using kicks and punches without the fear of receiving a red card or yellow card.
Feel the adrenaline and action on the pitch with no referee to settle disputes. Select your favorite killer soccer player to win the tournament in story mode. When disputes pop up during the game, you all will be surrounded by the crowd on the line. Feel the emotion and tenacity at its peak when you fight against your classic rival.

This game requires you know how to use your fists and spike shoes, not even the soccer ball. Also, substitute players on the bench are ready to fight for their teams. This is a knockout street fighting game, so fouls will never be punished by the referee.
Please do take this fight to the real street and end up getting yourself injured. This is just fiction, okay. If you want to fight, you can do that on mobile device and Football Players Fight Soccer is a great option. Football Players Fight Soccer features two soccer players engaged in a fight, vital waves, martial arts, multiple combos to defeat your enemy, thousands of tricks and combinations of kicks, air strikes, multiple kicks, punches and many more undiscovered knockouts!
Football Players fight soccer apk has three game modes. These are World, Fast Start, and Training. Realistic scenarios, the Tier encourages public and encourages you with their whistles and applause on the side of the pitch.

Select your favorite team player. Each player has its own unique set of skills, and tricks. They also have different ways to fight on the pitch. The Cup Football season is a tie between the best teams in the world, you have to beat your rivals or be eliminated. The training mode will help you learn tricks and martial arts, you can see this by pressing the buttons and checking the effect of your shots to knockout your opponent.
Romualdo is one of the best soccer fighters in the world. He has dominated every martial art since he was a kid.
Nesi is simply the most magical fighter ever, his movements are smooth and you can barely see his next move.
Raben is also a vintage football soccer fighter, very known in Europe is well known for its mega kick in the chest.
Merendona is an old fight glory. He knows every street gang sign and so it does when it comes to fighting in the streets. Now you can fight with him back on the pitch.



  1. Download the game from the link above.
  2. Open the file and install the game on your mobile.
  3. Launch and Play.

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