How to Hide A Number/Check Hidden Numbers

Sometimes we need to make some calls without revealing our numbers. Hiding ourphone numbers might be useful at that time. To hide phone numbers, dial #31#(PHONE NUMBER) and send. The caller will only see the call without knowing who is calling. This post will be discussing How to Hide A Number/Check Hidden Numbers.

Other times, our friends and relations will like to hide their numbers when calling us. You can easily check Hidden Numbers that called your number.

How to Hide A Number/Check Hidden Numbers

To check Check Hidden Numbers, start by buying an identification pin.

An identification pin is a secret code that is used to verify the identity of the individual trying to access a computer system, network, etc.
To get your identification pin, please contact your customer care agents.
After complete the above, go to message option. Type the identification of the last call on the message option. Press # and send it to 4664.

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