How To Back Up Your Text Messages To Your Gmail Account

In the world of search engines, email service and  mobile OS, Google has put even the pioneers out of business.

Now there are plenty of apps that let you backup SMS on Android, but there is a special one that enables you to synchronize them with your Gmail account. Now you can not only keep a check on all your emails but your text messages from the same

Step 1: Enable IMAP Access to your Gmail account

Before you can begin backing up your SMS to your Gmail
account, you need to grant IMAP access to it. To begin, sign
in to your Gmail account from your computer and navigate to
Settings->Forwarding and POP/IMAP .

The window will show you multiple options to select, so tap
on the empty box next to “Enable IMAP”. Now scroll down
and click on “Save Changes”, and you’re all set to go ahead
and configure the SMS Backup+ app.

Step 2: Download and configure SMS Backup+
The app which allows you to back up SMS to Gmail account
is called SMS Backup+, and is available on the Google Play
Store for free. Simply search for the app.

Once the app is downloaded, open it  and tap on the
“Connect” button to add your Gmail account to the app. A
pop-up window will show you the Gmail account (or
accounts) connected to your Android device, so tap on the
one you want to back up your SMS to.
After offering the “Allow” permission to the app from your Gmail account, you will have to confirm backing up the stored
messages on your device by pressing “Backup”. You have
now successfully backed up your SMS to your Gmail account.

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