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Sunday, 15 July 2018

5 Ways to check Airtel data balance and Usage

There is no doubt of whatsoever, that Airtel one of the best in terms of Data in Nigeria. is It’s quite unexpected that most Airtel Customers do not know how to check Airtel data balance maybe because they don’t know the advantage they will procure from checking their data balance frequently 

But for those who are compliant to learn how to check your Airtel data balance, In this article, i will guide you on how to check your data balance.

Follows these 5 Ways to check airtel data balance and usage

You have enough information you can be derived from checking your Airtel data balance includes the following:

To know Your active and current data plan balance
The promo offered by Airtel
The expiry data of your data plan balance
You might even get to know some marvellous Airtel data promo that is convenient when you subscribe and it can be perceived from how to check Airtel data balance.

In this article, This plan will help you control which app or which device drains your data most and also aid in tracing your data usage daily. These will also help you learn how to optimize your data and how you can be more prolific.

More so It is also very essential to know your Airtel data balance because it blocks you from going beyond your contemporary billing plan. If you want to check your modern mobile data usage, there are lots of relevant USSD codes and lots of Apps you can download that will enable you to observe your data usage.

You must be very happy upon the aforementioned reason why you should monitor your data Airtel data balance. In this article, we will show you how to check your data balance without much sweat and stress and how to get the quick response and the knowledge you’ve always wanted from Airtel.

In this article, we will show you step by steps on how to check your Airtel data balance from the normal Airtel data plans, BIS data subscription and its expiry date, Airtel net balance, Airtel 2G and 3G data balance.

1. You can check your data balance using your Android phone.The most familiar balance plans for Airtel are airtel for 2GB and Airtel for 4.5GB and minor subscription which includes the following:
Chech via the following  Channel depending on your subscription.

-30MB- 1 day -100 naira-*410#
 500MB- 14 days-500 naira –*418#
 1.5GB-30 days-1000 naira-*496#
2GB -30 days-2000 naira-*438#
3GB- 30 days-3000 naira-*437#
4.5GB- 30 days-*439#

2. You can also check your data balance on normal data plans. You can check your Airtel data balance using these codes only if you subscribed for normal Airtel data plans or the cheap Airtel 100 naira for 1GB.

Dial *141*11*0#
Dial *123*10#
Dial *141*712*0#

Using both ways you choose: dialling or texting method, you will immediately accept a message from Airtel which includes all the essential information you would need concerning your active current data plans.

3. You can check your data balance using text message. If you want to check for Airtel BIS status, BIS data balance and expiry date, you can do so by simply using the following codes beneath

Simply text status to 440 or simply dial *123*9#

After you've successfully selected the one you are okay with, which either method (the texting or dialling methods) you will get an immediate message from Airtel affirming your BIS data balance and its expiry date, BIS status and about its services offered. You can also check your home internet data or you visit the Airtel website to find further knowledge and lay grievances on your personal account.

4. You can check your data balance for 2G, 3G AND 4G AIRTEL NET 
There are numerous methods and ways by which you can compare your Airtel net balance using the USSD codes or some apps.

APPLICATION METHOD: They are so many ways you can also check through the application of your data usage on Airtel network. This include:
-By downloading the True balance app to check your airtel data plan as well as mobile recharges or any other network net balance. Simply go to play store and download this app from your phone and it will automatically display your balance and validity which does not really need any code for remembrance.

You can use the mubble app, which allows you to set low balance warnings on your phone.

-you can also use the smart app to check your 3G and 4G data usage. It enables you to find the best and available plans in your region.

-With smartbro tracker which allows you to track your data usage as well as your prepaid balance

 With myairtel app and tap on 3G label where you will get the 3G usage features which will help you to check your data balance as well as other balance.

5. You can check your airtel data balance using USSD
Dial *123*10# for 2G DATA BALANCE on your mobile phone or *123*21# if the latter isn’t responding. Airtel will further share your data balance.

Dial *123*197# for 3G DATA BALANCE: on your mobile phone or *123*08# if the latter isn’t responding.

Simply dial *123*8# for 4G DATA BALANCE  to check your data balance

Furthermore, To register you will be advised to fill out a personal information and create a new password In case you forgot your airtel password, click the link forgot the password and follow the guidelines.
Upon getting to your account, 
Click on open a tab that is called “account information” which is located underneath “home”. 

Afterwards, you click on Airtel DSL number. 

Following the account information section, you’ll see an option highlighting “billed account” which will positively show you your data usage for the current month. Hope this help.

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