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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Enjoy GLO Free Data Day On October 31, 2017 With 200mb Free Data

It is quite obvious that one of the leading Telecommunication networks in Nigeria GLO is giving away another ogbonge 200mb on October 31, 2017.  Recall the last one given to all the eligible subscribers on September 28, 2017  Following the announcement of the free data day by the Globacom Limited.

Being the third time of Globacom Network is giving away this type of bonus to their subscribers, it seems they are using it to attract the customer. Although, we all have different strategies we make use of to drive traffic to our product.

It was recalled that late last month the leading network (Glo) surpasses her subscribers (existing and new) with an outstanding of 200mb to surf the net for free.

It is known to us that their subscribers must be able to comply with their policy in order to qualify for their free data day which means they must dance to their tune by complying with their terms and conditions of whatever policy laid down by them which means nothing goes for free. For every customer to be eligible to enjoy data of up to 200MB on that said date.

There's no plan or subscription of whatsoever you are in for.It doesn't require much stress.

How to Qualify for Glo Free Data Day

For a subscriber to be eligible, he/she must make sure you do either of the following in the remaining seven (6) days preceding the announced Free data Day:

Must use N150 or more to calls (voice call)  PLUS 100MB or more of data OR Must Use N250 or more on voice calls.

If you are able to meet the above requirements, you will receive a text message informing you of your eligibility for the free data day.

The Telecommunication Network Glo has made it known to us that subscribers will have the opportunity to surf the net for free on that day, but would only have access to 200MB, your browsing will not exceed the aforementioned megabyte.

Below are some of the Frequently ask  Questions as well as the Answers regarding the Glo Free Data Day

QUESTION: Glo Free Data Day What are they offering?

ANSWER: Glo free data day is rewarding their subscribers (Existing and New) Free Data for a whole day when they meet the threshold set for voice and/or data usage in the week preceding the free data day.

QUESTION: How do I know the Free Data Day?

ANSWER: You will receive a text message from Glo informing you of the forthcoming Free Data Day

QUESTION: What will I  do to qualify in other to enjoy this offer?

ANSWER: Immediately the Free Data Day is disclosed, endeavor to use either of the following in the week (7 days) preceding the free data day: Minimum of N150 on voice and 100MB OR Minimum of N250 on voice calls data

QUESTION: How can I monitor my voice and data usage? E.g. by dialing a code?

ANSWER: You can monitor your Main account depletion through #124*1# after making calls or using data.

QUESTION: What is the maximum volume of data a subscriber will get on that day to surf the net for free?

ANSWER: A whopping of 200MB is what a subscriber will get to enjoy on that day.

QUESTION: What if I use less than N250 on voice in 7 days before the Free Data Day?

ANSWER: You will not get anything for free on the designated day


 Calls made from Bonus accounts will not qualify for Free Data Day as designated by the network.

The free data will automatically be credited to your account within 24hrs validity and get absorbed first before purchased data plan

The plan valid at 23:59 on that specific day

All subscribers on Glo network are eligible for the free data day as long as they pass the usage threshold

Subscribers will be notified when the free data bonus expired.

You can't share the free data bonus to anyone

Any unused free data bonus on that day will be lost upon migration

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