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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Enjoy GLO Free Data Day On October 31, 2017 With 200mb Free Data

It is quite obvious that one of the leading Telecommunication networks in Nigeria GLO is giving away another ogbonge 200mb on October 31, 2017.  Recall the last one given to all the eligible subscribers on September 28, 2017  Following the announcement of the free data day by the Globacom Limited.

Being the third time of Globacom Network is giving away this type of bonus to their subscribers, it seems they are using it to attract the customer. Although, we all have different strategies we make use of to drive traffic to our product.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

How To Order Food From FACEBOOK Directly.

It has become easier for Facebook users to order food directly from their favorite restaurant directly using the  Facebook mobile app and websites without navigating away to a delivery service or restaurant's own website or mobile app. It is clearly shown on both the web and mobile view of our facebook called "ORDER FOOD"  and also have it delivered to them at their respective destination. Lets this stuck to our mind that Facebook has not created its own answer to seamless. 

It is shown on the facebook with a colorful hamburger icon on the desktop view with a blue and white hamburger on the mobile view, In the options menu, Facebook users can place a food pickup and delivery orders from their respective restaurant by using slice or delivery.com It requires few process from ordering a food to the checkout page.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Enjoy Airtel SmartRecharge 10x More Voice and Data

What a great offer from Airtel...!

Airtel has decided to surprise her customers with a great offer which gives them a whooping of 10times of their SmartRecharge for more Voice and Data.
With the newly introduced Airtel new package called SmartRecharge which is also known as #Stream Anyhow. This package is full with 10times recharge of any value on your recharge for data and Voice. 

Video adverts have been released regarding the newly released Airtel SmartRecharge package There has been video advert going on regarding this package. It gives more explanation how Airtel SmartRecharge works as well how to activate it.

However,  This Airtel SmartRecharge package is of course quite better than of SmartConnect 2.0 which gives you 6times bonus and  SmartConnect 4.0 that gives 8times bonus on any recharge.

We can see clearly that Airtel is now the grandMaster of all networks as far as data and voice calls are concerned. It will also stand as the channel of driving the new customer to their network, with Airtel SmartRecharge you get a great ogbonge offer of 10 times bonus on your recharge of any amount.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Download Whatsapp Business App

The new WhatsApp Business application will be the latest application of the Cupertino firm. Whatsapp Business has come with the dynamic new version which differs a little bit from the previous one that's known already with its views, appearance, but have a lot of functions hidden. it’s the giant facebook social network. 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Enjoy Glo 200% (X4) Data Bonus Offer - Get 3.2gb for N500, 24gb For N3000 I How to Activate

With your Glo line, you can enjoy up to 200%  data bonus on your line as  Glo unleash another ogbonge extra data bonus to all her subscribers. Which means with N1000 naira you will have the chance of getting 3.2 GB data instead of 1.6 GB. 

Interesting right..?

Sunday, 8 October 2017

TSTV Set To Give Out 5,000 Free Decoders To The Public.

The Telecom Satelite Television(TSTV) Cable service provider, has assured the Nigerian to commenced its operation by November 1, 2017, and also promising the citizen to give away 5,000 decoders to the public and would also be installed for the public to enable them test run the service and begin commercial operation by November 1.

Bright Echefu,  Managing Director of TSTV, has made this known to the newsmen while briefing them on the commercialization of Tstv to commence it's operation earlier November on Saturday in Abuja. It was also added that Bright said, TSTV would officially launch its service with more than one million decoders across the nation.

Friday, 6 October 2017

TSTV: Full List Of Dealers Outlet In Lagos.

In our previous post we talked about the launching of the prestigious TSTV Decoder cable in Nigeria. Now, In today's post, we are going to be talking about the list of dealers of TSTV Decoder and where you can get them in Lagos,Nigeria.  

Monday, 2 October 2017

TSTV has been Officially Launched.

It has been finally launched.!

Yes, the long-awaited Telecom Satellite(TSTV) we've been anticipating for a few months ago has been finally launched yesterday October 1st, 2017. I guess it was launched to celebrate Nigeria @ 57. Upon the much suspense, most Nigerian have been, The launching came as a big surprise to the masses after much waiting.it is now what most people are saying.